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By now the rigid limits of the various disciplines defined during their institutalisation have faded and in parallel the questions to which answers are sought have changed continuously. Thus, in our days finding the answers to the research questions is characterized by the bold reliance on several perspectives. 
Our periodical, Átjáró wishes to provide a forum for this perspective by publishing the view of disciplines other than social sciences capable of providing relevant answers to the raised problems. As indicated by the title of the periodical, our fundamental aim is to provide several perspectives in our quarterly published journal themed on one area, thus providing a so-called passage among the various perspectives creating the possibility of joint reflection.
As young cultural anthropologist and historian researchers we considered that it would be necessary to establish a forum which expands or even dismantles the frameworks of space and time providing an unusual approach to a problem from a different perspective. We try to ask questions which determine our every day life directly or indirectly as an identified or unidentified  problem or a not sufficiently identified phenomenon.
As an independent, on-line journal, Átjáró wishes to provide possibility to the researchers to react to the questions related to a topic from different perspectives. Basically we wish to present the results of Hungarian researches, but of course we are open to get to know and to present international results especially from Central Europe. Furthermore, due to our common experiences and roots we think it is important to stress that in every issue we would like to dedicate a few articles to the Central European region. However, they would -by no means-be published separately, they would be linked to the posed question raising awareness to the particular situation of the region. 
The intellectual and operational background of the on-line journal Átjáró, is provided by  Észak-keleti Átjáró Egyesület (Northeastern Passage Association) founded in 2007.
Editorial team:
Szűts István Gergely (editor in chief)
Kapusi Krisztián
Kunt Gergely 
Majzik Dávid
Osgyáni Gábor
R.Nagy József
Szenttamási Tamás